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Withdrawal tube

To transfer liquid from the dewar to the CryoPro unit the use of a withdrawal device is highly recommended. Our withdrawal devices are detachable, which means no excess evaporation from the dewar, when the withdrawal device is not in use. Not only does this provide the most economical and safe extraction of liquid from the storage tank, the withdrawal device also provides a filter to prevent ice crystals in the dewar from being transferred to the CryoPro® unit ensuring trouble-free operation. The withdrawal devices are fully adjustable and fit dewars of 10 l capacity and up.

Storing liquid nitrogen

A clean supply of liquid nitrogen is essential to trouble free operation of liquid nitrogen cryosurgical treatment units. To ensure a clean nitrogen supply, we advise to completely empty the storage tank (dewar) 3 – 4 times per year prior to refilling.

If necessary, water from ice crystals remaining inside the tank can be dried out by creating air circulation (e.g. using a vacuum cleaner for approx. 15 min.).

To prevent ice and other particles in the tank from entering the treatment unit when filling, always use a withdrawal tube equipped with a filter.
TR Series

The light alloy construction and composite material neck allow a combination of low consumption, strength and lightness.

  • The polyurethane paintwork gives the container an exceptional quality of finish and long life.
  • Transfer solutions Various dispensing systems can be fitted to containers. Their flange fixing is quick and sure.
  • Compliance with regulations The TR range complies with international regulations applicable to the transport of dangerous materials (ADR and IATA-OACI).
L 2000 series

The L 2000 series aluminium dewars are specially designed for storage and transport of liquid nitrogen and are easy to handle L 2000 SERIES
Storage and transport of small quantities of liquid nitrogen and fitted with the NW50 flange.

  • Lightweight, reliable and robust, the standard L 2000 dewars are fitted with a NW 50 Pneurop flange (except for L2002, L2005, L2012), and suitable for most miscellaneous laboratory and industrial applications.
  • The LB 2002 is fitted with a pouring device.
  • These vessels are made in France complying with the highest quality standards. All the units are certified Medical CE-marked and comply with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE and Pressure Equipment Directive – PED 97/23/CE.

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