Cortex Technology

DSM III - Skin Colormeter

A handheld, battery operated instrument offering skin color measurement including erythema and melanin, CIEL*a*b* and RGB values.

Advanced color sensing at the palm of your hand
Proven and highly sensitive technologies for skin colour detection are built into a handheld and light weight device to form a fully integrated instrument, which is operated by just one button. To facilitate correct positioning on the skin a guiding light illuminates the target area.
Power is provided by an integrated and rechargeable battery. To ensure completely wireless operation the battery is recharged wirelessly in a dedicated charger/stand, which also incorporates a calibrator.

The technology ensures the highly advanced color sensing, making it very easy to use.

A light handheld device, operating with only one button, for the most user-friendly operation.

Measurements can be presented on laptop or tablet through wireless communication.

Technical specifications
Light source: 2 x high intensity white LED
Colorsensor: 4 x 16 active elements
Display: LC-display
Read-out: E&M (erythema & melanin), CIEL*a*b* (optimised for white LED illumination)
Built-in Bluetooth for wireless communication with tablet/ laptop
Battery: 1 pcs. rechargeable, standby time: 1 month
Charger: Wireless induction
Calibration: White calibrator included
Operation: One-button control
Operation temp.: 10-40 Deg. C

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