Extensive range of skin analysis equipment

Our equipment is used for objective measurements in the field of skin research, skin consultation as well as dermatology.

Cortex Technology develop and manufacture science-based skin testing equipment used by a wide range of organizations within public and private research, dermatology, skin consulting as well as product R&D.

We manufacture liquid nitrogen devices with a complete range of accessories. In addition, we offer solutions for storage and handling of liquid nitrogen. Our experienced staff is always ready to give professional advice and support.

The DermaAdviser is the most advanced skin testing device for point-of-sales activities such as the aesthetic clinic or the cosmetic shop. It offers an easy step-by-step analysis of the skin and provides a complete client skin report with detailed recommendations of skin care products and/or treatments.

Cortex technology devices are used worldwide as standard instruments for efficacy testing and documentation of skin properties.

For more than 30 years Cortex Technology has been providing cutting-edge skin instrumentation used by dermatologist, researchers, educational institutions as well as aesthetic clinics worldwide.