Scientific & innovative approach

Cortex Technology develops and manufacture a range of scientific and innovative skin testing equipment based on novel and recognized technologies for applications within research, consulting and dermatology.

The DermaLab USB single parameter units present a breakdown of the most popular parameters in our DermaLab Combo series into individual modules - based on the same technology and using the same probes.

The DermaLab combo enables you to configure your own measuring device by choosing the probes relevant for your applications. The instrument features up to nine skin parameters in one instrument as well as intuitive application software and wirelessly connected tablet.

Our most versatile line of skin ultrasound scanners operating from 20 - 50 MHz, fully configurable with advanced controls and full-featured image analysis capabilities.

The new portable professional Colorimeter DSM-4 provides you with accurate 4-in-1 measurements: color, pigmentation, erythema and gloss.

The DSM III Skin Colormeter combines advanced color sensing technology, high sensitivity and durability with extreme flexibility and ease of operation.

Cortex Technology

Trusted partner in skin instrumentation

For more than 30 years Cortex has provided instruments for skin investigation and cryotherapy. Our instruments are used world-wide within dermatology, claim substantiation, efficacy testing and cosmetic consulting.