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Colorimeter DSM-4

The new portable professional Colorimeter DSM-4 provides you with accurate 4-in-1 measurements: color, pigmentation, erythema and gloss.

Explore the Colorimeter DSM-4

The Colorimeter DSM-4 is a professional precision tool optimised for skin measurements. One device to measure color, pigmentation, erythema and gloss simultaneously at the same location.

The portable calibrator is perfect for working remote, and the easy 3-step guided calibration ensures accurate measurements over time. 

Available from November 2022.


The latest color technology with automatic classification of skin phototype. 

Customise settings for extended views with more details of your samples. 

The modern portable design and integrated calibrator is perfect for working remote. 


The advanced Colorimeter DSM-4 software includes automatic classification of skin phototype (ITA) in six groups: very light, light, intermediate, tan, brown and dark. You can customise your settings to get a more detailed view of your samples, and export your data with just one click. 

Technical specifications

< 1 second to determine skin color and phototype

< 1 color difference (ΔE*ab) full gamut

45°/0° Colorimeter with full visible spectrum color sensor

Color space: CIE XYZ, L*a*b*, L*C*h, sRGB

Measurement aperture: 8 mm (50 mm2 area)

Special correction matrix optimised for skin

60° specular gloss (GU) measurement

Light source: D65 illuminant (CRI > 98)

Wireless data transfer

Portable calibrator with white, zero and gloss

Powered by a rechargeable battery and charged with a USB-C cable

Only available for Windows operating systems
(minimum requirements: Windows 10)

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